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The best thing that we can do for our business is do the best that we can for the communities that we operate in. We’ve been in business over 100 years serving the Central Kentucky region.

eStatements are yet another FREE service that PBK Bank offers to it’s customers. By signing up for eStatements you will receive email notification that your statement(s) are ready for you to digitally download and/or printout onto your computer. What could be better?

eStatements are very secure and easy to use. With eStatements you no longer have to wait on your statement in the mail and you don’t have to worry about your account information getting lost in the mail.

With eStatements you will receive an email in your inbox when your statement(s) are ready. You can then go to the secure website to retrieve your statement. You could even save your statements to your computer and not have to maintain a paper copy for your records if you choose.

Below is a link that tells you how to use eStatements and another link that you can print off the eStatement request form to sign up for eStatements. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our Customer Service representatives, they’ll be glad to assist you!

eStatement Request Form (application)
Retrieve your Statement
Account Balance Worksheet

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